Безглютеновая продукция Выращивание амаранта Амарантовое и другие натуральные масла

About us

"Russian Olive" was established in June 2005 in Voronezh. Engaged in the development of technologies for vegetable oils functional purpose, the study of health and nutritional properties of products from the new perspective of plants, cultivation of amaranth and its downstream processing. We produce and sell seeds of amaranth, as well as processed products Amaranth - amaranth oil, amaranth flour and amaranth cakes.


All Products Ltd. "The Russian Olive Tree" is a patented technology only from environmentally friendly raw materials produced in the Central Black Earth Region of Russia.

OOO "Russian Olive" is not simply trying to draw attention to Amaranth as a neglected but promising culture, and offers a complete innovative technology for processing of Amaranth. Wide geography of crop cultivation, processing technology products worked, the unique structure and features of products from

We invite all those interested in the cultivation of amaranth in Russia!

Contact us: Isuwa Joe +79042106546 joelgaiciyadu@gmail.com


Русская Олива на Продэкспо
admin 17 декабря 2014

Уважаемые друзья. Приглашаем Вас посетить стенд ООО "Русская Олива" №84С72 павильон 8 зал 4 на выставке Продэкспо 2015. Выставка проходит с 09 по 13 февраля 2015.

[ВИДЕО] Фрагмент программы Пища богов телеканала РЕН ТВ
admin 5 августа 2014

Фрагмент программы Пища богов №19 от 21.05.2013 РенТВ. Амарант - позабытый дар богов.